Ironman BioChair Pro

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This is not just another airport massage chair. The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro was designed and developed by Doctors and BioMechanists for: 

RunnersCyclistsSwimmersTrail RunnersUltra Marathoners and MarathonersCross Country SkiersXterra TriathletesOpen Water and Master Swimmers, MMABoxers, and all other Endurance Athletes.

It Features:



After a long day of training or a competition, you just want to lay down and let technology do the recovery work for you. The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro does precisely that. This is your foam roller, air compression device and heating pad all rolled into one. The Addaday IRONMAN® BioChair Pro is more than a massage chair, it is a Total Body Recovery System. 

The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro can help an athlete recover faster and sleep better.

It’s the Ultimate Recovery Tool that every athlete should have.


With BioScan Technology, the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro scans your body, mapping your spinal curvature to get to know your body before each treatment session. Taking care of you from head to toe with Dynamic Air Compression, Zero Gravity Inversion and Targeted MyoFascial Release Rollers, the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro allows you to sit down, relax and recover after a hard training session or competition. It is this specificity and attention to you, that allows you to experience a full body massage tailored to your needs in the comfort of your own home.



Addaday’s BioScan Technology maps your spinal curvature, height, shoulder and hip girdles to customize your recovery session to your body’s measurements.

By reclining to 150°, Ground-Reactive-Forces are dramatically reduced, allowing your joints to decompress from the grueling impact running, biking and lifting has on them.    

Therapeutic heat helps increase blood circulation to engorge your muscle with vital nutrients for quicker recovery and relaxation.

Employing 3- Zones of Compression: Feet, Ankles and Calves, The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro doesn't just compress the lower extremities, it flushes inflammatory cells and fluid, as well as cellular metabolites such as lactic acid. This proprietary flushing sequence and mechanism allow for you to return to your sport faster and with little to no pain.


Stretching is one of the most important and overlooked parts of an athlete's recovery. The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro solves this for you too. With modes to stretch your neck, mid back, and low back, half of your stretching routine is done for you while you relax.

 Both feet combined, make up 25% of the body’s bones, 18% of its joints and 6% of its the muscles. Doing damage to any of these parts can cause serious harm to your body and affect how you run, bike or lift weights. The targeted foot massage feature of the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro facilitates increased blood flow and lengthens your plantar fascia, allowing you to return to your feet faster.  


Utilizing the IRONMAN® BioChair Pro’s BioScan Technology, the Myofascial Release Rollers are able to target your neck, shoulders, mid back, lower back and hips.

The IRONMAN® Remote was designed for Endurance Athletes by Biomechanists and Doctors to specifically target the muscles frequently utilized during a Swim, Bike or Run.  Simply press the Swim, Bike or Run icon on the remote to begin a sport specific recovery session.

The IRONMAN® BioChair Pro with The IRONMAN® remote is the Ultimate Hands Free, Intelligent Recovery Tool Available. 

Research has shown that athletic performance and recovery are both physical and mental. To address the mental aspect of recovery, we incorporated two premium Bluetooth Speakers into the chair. Now you can enhance your recovery session by relaxing to the tune of your favorite song.


  • Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 180W


  • 3 Years 
  • Extended Warranty Available Upon Request


With door-to-door delivery, figuring out how to get your massage chair home is a thing of the past. Just roll the chair in and plug it in. With just two easy steps, you can have full body recovery in the comfort of your own home.

  • We have designed the IRONMAN BioChair as a plug and play solution.
  • Roll the IRONMAN BioChair on the stand with its wheels from the protective box into your home. Place the IRONMAN BioChair at your desired location. Plug it in, turn on the power and enjoy your massage. 
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